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RobRoy Resources LLC based in Midland, Texas, comprises a group of experienced local landmen ready to help you land your next prospect. From major oil companies to individual mineral owners, we strive to provide efficient services for every client. Whether your project requires a team of horses running title and buying leases within a tri-county area of interest or you simply need to know what Grandpa owns in a 40-acre tract, we are here to aid you. One phone call could make your next prospect a money-making reality.


What We Do.

• Mineral Title • Leasehold Title • Title Curative • Due Diligence • Runsheet Building • Surface Ownership and Damage Negotiation • Full Prospect Management • Lease Checks • Mapping • Salt Water Disposal Agreements • Right-of-Way Negotiation • Mineral Buying/Selling Price Evaluation • Seismic Agreements


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